Our Team

Meet your local insurance experts.

Outstanding service starts with an outstanding team. Meet the professionals behind B Insured Agency, Inc.

Yakov Buxbaum, President

Main:   845.578.9800 ext. 204
Direct Phone:   845.875.6034
Direct Fax:   845.875.6044
Email:   yakov@biains.com

Esther Buxbaum, Director of Operations

Main:   845.578.9800 ext. 209
Direct Phone:   845.875.6049
Fax:   845.356.5990
Email:   ebuxbaum@biains.com

Mr. Benjamin Buxbaum, Producer

Direct Phone:   845.659.8223
Direct Fax:   845.388.1254
Email:   bb6598223@gmail.com

Mr. Simon Streicher

Main:   845.578.9800 ext.208
Fax:   845.356.5990
Email:   simon@biains.com

Chavi Schwarzmer, Deputy Manager

Main:   845.578.9800 ext.212
Fax:   845.356.5990
Email:   chavi@biains.com

Rivky Weinstein, Personal Lines

Main:   845.578.9800 ext.214
Fax:   845.356.5990
Email:   rivky@biains.com

Chanie Green, CSR

Main:   845.578.9800 ext.202
Fax:   845.356.5990
Email:   chanie@biains.com

Frimi Stern, CSR

Main:   845.578.9800 ext.215
Fax:   845.356.5990
Email:   frimi@biains.com

Elky Friedman, CSR

Main:   845.578.9800 ext.201
Fax:   845.356.5990
Email:   elky@biains.com

Sara Zehn, CSR

Main:   845.578.9800 ext. 203
Direct Phone:   845.875.6033
Direct Fax:   845.356.5990
Email:   sara@biains.com

Gitty Klein, Bookkeeping

Main:   845.578.9800 ext. 211
Direct Phone:   845-875-3001
Direct Fax:   845.875.6043
Email:   gitty@biains.com






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