Manufacturers Insurance Overview

March 23, 2017

Manufacturers affect the U.S. economy in significant ways as they employ millions of workers and produce trillions of dollars of goods for local and export consumption. Owning a manufacturing company requires insurance coverage for the protection of the employees, business assets and production capabilities of the company.

There are three primary components in manufacturers insurance:

1. Business Owners Package Insurance (BOP)

Is a specialized type of commercial insurance designed for small and medium sized businesses. It is not available to every business since there is an eligibility requirement that varies among insurance carriers. Some of these limitations are class of business, location of the majority of business operations, size based on area of office or production site and revenue. With BOP you can protect your business assets from business interruptions and legal claims.

2. Worker’s Compensation

It generally provides insurance coverage to protect your employees in the event of a work-related accident, injury, illness or death.

3. Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Protects those vehicles owned by the company and utilized for business use. This insurance can cover trucks, cars, heavy equipment and any other types of motorized equipment. It may include the driver of the vehicle as well.

Business owners policies also offer additional coverage to protect you from identity theft, cyber liability, negligent employee practices, damage to valuable papers and records and much more.

Please note: all of the info provided on this website is for informational purposes only. Exact coverage limits and available programs will vary with your business operations and need to be verified prior to providing any type of insurance coverage. For more detailed information click here.